A Change in Attitude

Perspective on an issue can change for a person as they age, but it may not go over well with their long term partner. The other person could see a change in attitude on a particular subject as a betrayal. It might have a negative effect on the partners, and their relationship could begin to fray around the edges. Coming to terms with the new outlook can be difficult for the person who has it, but their spouse could find it an irritant that will not go away. Both of them will have to work hard to make the adjustments that will possibly save their relationship.

One of the ways to deal with this type of issue within a relationship is to outline the steps that may have caused it. People seldom make major attitude shifts, so age alone may have little or nothing to do with the change of heart. Being able to explain what caused the new outlook to a partner could be difficult, but doing it in small steps might help both of them understand the mechanics of the situation. While it is not exactly a cure for what ails them, it might just help nudge them past the most difficult parts of disagreement.

Few issues are ones that separate couples because they generally agree upon the basics before making a commitment, and their views may even change in the same direction as the years pass. Knowing a partner has come to a completely different outlook is generally where the problem lies that will affect the relationship over time.

Adjustments within a relationship are normal, but some may be greater than others. Couples finding they suddenly have large differences in how they feel about issues may have to work it out slowly, but it can be done. Love and understanding will take them far, and even their own attitudes might change as they discuss what is separating them.