Failure to Thrive

There are times in life when depression overwhelms a person, but those with a supportive partner have a better chance of getting past it. It does not necessarily matter what created the situation in the first place, so each incidence will be different. For those who turn away from their relationship at this time, failure to thrive as a couple could be the path that will take them into divorce. If they are willing to go the distance together, being able to salvage their relationship could take them to a new level where they are bound closer.

Trust is one of the bedrock needs for a successful relationship, and it is often a rope one partner can toss to another when times are difficult. Those who go outside their relationship for help or happiness are often not giving their spouse a chance to contribute, and this type of betrayal can cut as deeply as any other. While it would seem that cheating with another person is worse, knowing a partner has little or no trust is more difficult because there are no outward indications a person can see or share.

Betrayal of a partner by refusing to trust them in a time of need can sever the relationship, and those who feel their partner slipped away know the pain of it. Their feelings might be hurt, but their reality is one of frustration that can turn to anger. Being with a person who refuses help can aggravate a situation that is already bad, and it can turn a current relationship into one of the past.

The ability to trust another person in even the darkest times is what binds a couple closer. Those who are willing to reach out when they have needs will often find a line of support they did not expect, but this is actually one of the best parts of being in a true and trusting relationship.