The Roads of Betrayal

Whenever a person has reached the point where they must make a decision, they have a choice of roads they can follow. Some of the roads are nothing more than parallel tracks that will rejoin the life they previously travelled, but others are at acute angles that might never come back to their previous course. When it comes to relationships, the roads of betrayal are many, but not all of them are seen in the best light.

If a person could look and see where each path really went, they might see that making one small decision could forever sever their link to the person they love. It could look like nothing more than a dusty path that means little, so they might believe that choosing to support their family in a small matter might not harm their relationship at all. Little would they know that it could be the worst choice if they want to continue life with their chosen spouse.

Large decisions might seem the most difficult road to choose, but there are often road signs that can be helpful along the way. Leading up to them might appear like a highway crowded with billboards, so those who take the time to look would be able to see the right choice for their relationship. People often choose to ignore these signs, and losing their significant other could be the toll they pay for the road they have chosen.

A smooth road in life is not always possible, but traveling it with someone trustworthy can make it much easier. For those who have come to the point where there is an intersection or branch, looking first at their spouse might be a good idea. The choice should be made jointly, and both might be able to find their way back to each other even if things go terribly wrong.