Undercutting a Partner at Work

Many couples have the dream of owning their own business, but many times they do not see all the ramifications to their relationship. Being partners at work often devolves into one person being in control, and their partner takes on a secondary role. This would seem to work well, but decisions made at work can affect their relationship at home. When a person is undercutting their partner at work, it can create issues that may damage or destroy their personal relationship.

No one likes to be told they are wrong at work, but it can be much worse when a partner does it in front of other employees at the office. Being treated that way as a non-spousal employee is bad enough, but the spouse it occurs to may harbour resentments they bring home. What happens at work should remain there, but it is often the opposite when it comes to couples working together in their own business.

Denigrating another person for any reason can cause them to feel anger and resentment, but a marital partner in that situation can also feel trapped. They are committed to the business because they partially own it, and they do not always have a reasonable outlet in being able to sell their share or buy out their partner. Anger and resentment can build until they have to make the choice to walk away from their business and personal relationship or at least find another means of support.

The person who is in charge at work must understand the consequences of diminishing their spouse in front of employees. While many are aware of the danger of the situation, there are some willing to take for granted their partner will put up with whatever they dish out during business hours. It can become a situation where they find they no longer have a business partner or a marriage if their behaviour continues.